NEW e-learning module @ Prime AGORA


NEW e-learning module @ Prime AGORA

Introduction to PRIME LIFE 9

Life & death, conception, co-creation, love making, spiritual development, lifestyle and anti-aging practices in the Prime Culture.

How to apply Prime Technology for Anti-Aging ?

Every one  alive interested into anti aging is not a child anymore. Life left marks on all and those marks need to be correctly understood, when preventive or regenerative practices to be applied.

Simple, easy to apply advice, methods, practices, techniques, as well as travel destinations and leisure activities suggested by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.


BOOK REVIEW: Lovers Culture (Welcome BONUS) @ Prime AGORA


BOOK REVIEW: Lovers Culture (Welcome BONUS)
@ Prime AGORA
he Book and e-workbook : “Lovers culture” by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken will be reviewed @ The prime agora
If you are ready for this text
Follow instructions at the respective module @ The Prime Agora
ABOUT THE BOOK: Offers guidance through poetry
“the experience of union, the mythical and archetypical experience of the god and the goddes in sacred union, starts within ourselves and can be developed with a loving partner or friend”
“to understand sexuality as nourishing, sacred, healing, self-generating, self-evolving, cocreating experience, should be our next responsibility and interest after becomming able in our daily life to care for our health, shelter and nourishment”