(New Module) Free will


For those that always want FREE will you may today support them, but your culture and nation may see, in the records of history their deeds… you may not be alive for the time the consequences of their actions fall upon the life of the people you love, your family, culture or planet. But today you support their free will “right”.

I tell you this: that right is a construction, an invention, for the case of those that already know themselves are about to missbehave!

If your would have seen on advance their hearts, intentions, deeds, and not only their smiles, positive and nice feelings.

The angels are also made of light and are light. It does not mean all angels are grounded enough to behave according to prime source dream and pulse of creation. Those we call demigods, power based. DEMIGODS love to claim their right for free will, actually, most of the time, are the only ones concerned about it http://primetech-bootcamp.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info/ranking/the-9-development-stages/

Free will is not a right. It is a duty to care for pace, family, culture, life and heritage, and realize what does it mean. www.prime-peace.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info12096232_711961885572559_4602640998843439971_n-2

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