BOOK REVIEW: Lovers Culture (Welcome BONUS) @ Prime AGORA


BOOK REVIEW: Lovers Culture (Welcome BONUS)
@ Prime AGORA
he Book and e-workbook : “Lovers culture” by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken will be reviewed @ The prime agora
If you are ready for this text
Follow instructions at the respective module @ The Prime Agora
ABOUT THE BOOK: Offers guidance through poetry
“the experience of union, the mythical and archetypical experience of the god and the goddes in sacred union, starts within ourselves and can be developed with a loving partner or friend”
“to understand sexuality as nourishing, sacred, healing, self-generating, self-evolving, cocreating experience, should be our next responsibility and interest after becomming able in our daily life to care for our health, shelter and nourishment”

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