The 3 Elements & the HEART NEW MODULE @ The Prime AGORA

The 3 Elements & the HEART
The 3 elements & the heart are an assessment, analysis, decision making and strategy management tool created by LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken based on the 900 Elements of the Prime Culture Know How, a Prime Technology applied tool.
This tool can be utilized for personal development, community organization, spiritual development, wealth-ability, health, arts cocreation, culture and civilization advancement, peace, and life care, heritage, prime yoga, prime love, and prime corporation. (See details and references at the end of this presentation)


Peace and Human rights are a daily life mission
Rising Collective Global Self-Awareness and Self-Responsibility
What bring us to the feeling, sensing, of life is experience and perception of organic life, nature.

I would like to kindly share with you  the video i just posted on the earth element happiness and peace and  also to visit here  the prime peace global movement is very important as a preventive strategy for human kind future and species survival.
I wish the ones with suggestions or interest to join our crew please contact me, for a skype session.

(New Module) Free will


For those that always want FREE will you may today support them, but your culture and nation may see, in the records of history their deeds… you may not be alive for the time the consequences of their actions fall upon the life of the people you love, your family, culture or planet. But today you support their free will “right”.

I tell you this: that right is a construction, an invention, for the case of those that already know themselves are about to missbehave!

If your would have seen on advance their hearts, intentions, deeds, and not only their smiles, positive and nice feelings.

The angels are also made of light and are light. It does not mean all angels are grounded enough to behave according to prime source dream and pulse of creation. Those we call demigods, power based. DEMIGODS love to claim their right for free will, actually, most of the time, are the only ones concerned about it

Free will is not a right. It is a duty to care for pace, family, culture, life and heritage, and realize what does it mean.

(NEW MODULE) What is state of consciousness? It is a STATE, government, self organized according to own consciousness state. & How to become a citizen of the Prime Land 9?

NEW MODULE at the Prime Agora, on Prime Land 9 Citizenship

What is state of consciousness?  It is a STATE, government, self organized according to own consciousness state. & How to become a citizen of the Prime Land 9?


A state of consciousness is a (WIKI) self organized according to own consciousness.  How to become a citizen of the Prime Land 9?
If we would decide to use the 9 stages of love as sign of a consciousness state, we may have 9 kinds of decision making, there for, 9 kinds of cultures, and 9 kind of governments.
We could use any other chart of the prime rank in order to structure a milestones path for the development of a state of consciousness 
A state of heart based consciousness (consciousness which is expression of the heart, ref to emotional and feeling, integrated to self awareness and bliss), a state of prime self union based consciousness (Ref: to union with the source of all that is have been will be within own heart), a state of prime love , … the three of them would be forms of states based in such qualities of consciousness.
The Prime Land 9 government is a state of heart based consciousness, where prime self union and prime love are qualities of the heart. 
Here few alternative tracks for you to become a citizen of the Prime Land 9
  • Join the Prime Agora, participate in a collective heart streaming, enquire and solution making
  • Join a a Prime Peace Volunteer training, become a prime peace representative, where ever you are.
  • Join the Game of the Gods and Goddesses in Prime Self Union
  • Qualify as for a Prime Temple representative, the prime temple is a diplomatic office dedicated to communication, interaction, collaboration and technology transfer.
  • Join the Prime Tech Boot Camp, integrate prime technology and prime culture in your daily life, family, community, location, nation, culture or government development process.
  • Ask for a cultural integration program at the Prime Temple 9+
For any of the above listed alternatives please
review:  Integration Program for Immigrants
  • write an email to:
  • or request a skype session to: luisdanielmaldonadofonken
with an intention letter and self introduction
After you sent this letter, you will receive a list of steps and conditions necessary for your application.

According to the inmigration laws at the 9th Continent, inmigrants with intention of citizenship, work, business, education, religious, artistic or sport activities in our land must apply for a VISA, as well as join an obligatory  integration program.

It is mandatory for all inmigrants to learn our national language and cultural customs and self expression, be a good example of a responsible citizen, and qualify as good neighbor as for the knowledge, values, responsibility, function and aims of our culture.

more details on the integration program please contact the Odin Theta Academy or join us at the integration programs listed above.

The 9 Divine Worlds, (Assessment Tool)

VISIT: The Prime Culture Website:


According to the texts still available on the Asgardian myths, a map of the 9 divine worlds appear.

The Prime Culture is the Asgardian Culture as well, while the traces of records of its tangible societies and customs may have desappear from public archives as for religious vandalism or strategic (through 3-5 generations) deletion of the ancient nordic cultures, their customs, language, sacred sites and subconscious memories.

We can not claim the following image to be that one of the Asgardians. But it is a good example on how human societies could be organised based on consciousness states, behaviour, perception, emotions and society.

The 9 Divine Worlds maps is utilized by Prime Technology as an assessment tool: The 9 divine worlds are symbols of states of consciousness, perception, behaviour and how unique societies develop based on them. There for can be found in individuals, clusters, families, cultures, cities. In general as a tendency or in precise stages of development or may appear, rise, under particular conditions.

The prime culture has its own 9 divine worlds presented at the Prime Tech Standard where several stages of development in relation to own cultural values and achievements are suggested.

The Asgardian, Prime Culture Expression, will follow the Prime Codex as for its own commitment with own culture.

The Prime Culture expansion, territory, and enclaves goes from Nordic countries, Nordic Europe, UK, Iceland, Nord Pole, Canada, Slavic Countries, Russia, Ural, China, Japan, Greece, Nord Africa, Spain. And developed in unique wise cultures at those regions.

The essential principles of personal and spiritual development, integrated to family, peace, life, culture care and heritage one find in the book: Sacred Love & the 9 Divine Worlds: on conscious love making, by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.


The art of Prime Love (Published in 2015) in a public website dedicated to peace ” All you need is love” through conscious love making, family and culture.  Now available as a training program of 9 months or years (for trainers) or as a 9 Belts Training for couples or individuals interested to enhance their conscious love making ability: Prime Lovability. (The Valqyrie Project)


In order to reach the knowledge of the Prime Culture, one must learn the prime language, as all in the prime culture is symbolic, and must be syndicated from the prime self union state of consciousness. 

as well realise that the traces of the prime culture have been studied along several journeys through the practice of prime archeology, a field of spiritual archeology that integrates for its study : science, meditation and yoga, psychic abilities, spiritual records of religions, wars and spiritual circles as well as family and clans records, and other informations available in nature, as main archive of human and quantum history.

The STudy of the Prime Culture brings us to our present time, actualising its knowledge, making it tangible, as solution for human species survival and currents needs for consciousness expansion, awareness, heart opening, progress, sustainable development, care for peace, family, life, culture and heritage:

For the prime peace the knowledge of the 9 divine worlds and the prime tech, primordial technology (prime or proto technology, culture) is necessary, which is provided through the prime tech boot camp and its online training program 

and through the culture promotion and cooperation for development program at the Prime Agora:

Under the umbrella of the Asgard Project and the Government of the Prime Land 9 a model of land, and government, in a non geo localized region, with citizens at any time-geo-location.


A convention for the Golden Age